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  • Andrew S Hatton

    Andrew S Hatton

    1948 born English man aiming to be literate, insightful polymathic wordsmith with added integrity, wit, dyspraxia and dyslexia - Re-tweets are not endorsements

  • Wendy Brinsmead

    Wendy Brinsmead

  • Samantha Riley

    Samantha Riley

  • Michelle DePesa

    Michelle DePesa

  • Shona Cameron

    Shona Cameron

    Psychologist, trainer, mentor. Fascinated by the ordinary and the extraordinary, depth and lightness and healing via acceptance. Strength and kindness

  • Jake Sebastian

    Jake Sebastian

  • James Kennedy

    James Kennedy

    Welsh. Maker of noise. Scribbler of words. New album and book out now! www.jameskennedystuff.com

  • Leonie


    Interested in medico-legal issues, prescripticide and all things iatrogenic. Mature RCSI student (Healthcare Ethics and Law) - Views are mine; all mine ♫.

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