Nitin Pande starts well, but ducks the central issue, or ‘bear-pit’ as I call it. The vital divide is actually not between rocks or our planet, or any DNNs, through which we desperately scrabble to find patterns or ‘meanings’ — it’s between all those lifeless (and ultimately chaotic things) and animate processes, which unlike the former, can evolve. We are all set for evolutionary extinction, if we don’t wake up and see the vital difference.

Newtonian physics is wonderful — it predicted and predicts so many things, excepting the Mercury precession anomaly, but it too scrabbles in the dust when it comes to photons. There is no possible connection between Newton and the Uncertainty Principle without which our electronic technology would be still born. Of course this desperate chasm is readily glossed over, especially by those seduced and enjoying our technological surpluses, who pay scant regard to the ‘bear-pits’ in our ‘science’.

As Samuel Johnson said In 1778, “All Theory is against the Freedom of the Will; all Experience for it”. And through superstitions, and other wishful thinkings, we’ve stuck dogmatically to the Theories of today, and scorned those who rabbit on about Experiences.

I’ve pursued this difference since 1961, and come up with a view of consciousness which is rational, consistent, and astonishingly successful with respect to psychosis and violence. Check out my tweets, and my chapter, at


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